Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grass Child: Music Is The "Marinade" Of Life

Cover art Wendy Meyer Britton

Music inspires us. It has the potential to speak louder than words and to convey feelings that help us get a better grasp of our own emotional truth. Sometimes music can be more authentic to us than the reality that surrounds us in our day-to-day existence. Music is feeling, it is poetry and it is the essence of life itself wrapped up in notes, chords and lyrics. It is a marinade that we soak our lives in, creating a tenderness within our souls in which we find solace and sanity.

Napa based groove-folk rockers Grass Child is such a band that use their music to create the sanity and solace many of us are looking for within life itself. Grass Child’s sound is a bit of rock and roll with taste of funky-folk and flavored with a sprinkle of reggae-fusion.

Each member in Grass Child is an accomplished and talented musician and performer. Sarah Madsen’s sweet, powerful and soulful voice lends harmony and breadth and she is a dynamic front woman; Brant Roscoe’s blazing yet gentle guitar adds depth and meaning to the music; then there is heartbeat that is the backbeat of Grass Child with Barry Forsythe keeping the pulse on drums along with the smooth and soothing bass lines that come from Jonathan Tindall.