Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Coming "Home" To The Heart with Bobby Jo Valentine

Throughout history, the world has been a scary place filled with war, anger and bad political leaders wrecking havoc on the populations. Indeed, the world is still this way and probably always will be until the end of linear time as we know it.

We humans carry on despite this particular nastiness, and we often overcome the negativity in the world with our creativity that, luckily, manifests itself out of our general joy of being alive. Music has always been one of those kinds of creative modes that, even amid the most dangerous times in human history, has brought smiles to our faces and peace to our minds.

When an artist not only creates music out of their own particular joy of being human, but their songs reflect that joy, it is even more of a profound experience to those of us listening in. Enter Bobby Jo Valentine, a Northern California native and one of the happiest and amazingly positive songwriters that has popped out of the volcanic chaos of life as we know it.