Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Static" Reverberates Within The Brotherhood of flanelhed

Novato, California is an unassuming little suburb north of San Francisco. Filled with marshes, oaks and grassy valleys, Novato also displays the occasional cow pasture that is broken up by strip malls and storage facilities.

When one drives on Highway 101 North through the rolling hills of Marin County and passes through Novato, one may not understand nor know that behind the hotels and dead trees, beyond the suburban crawl of look alike housing and day laborers waiting for work in parking lots, there is a seething, rumbling force that is fast being felt among the population of this hamlet.

This fiery force has a powerful hunger for loud amplifiers filled with grungy guitars and flaming vocals, an added throb of drums and bass fueling this fire. The force is a band called flanelhed and it slams itself out of Novato, California and blows the minds of suburbia in order to let loose the power of it’s searing, edgy and wickedly original hard rock & roll....

flanelhed’s history is not unlike other bands. Guitarist John Murphy and vocalist Chris Matthews met well over 25 years ago and established a strong musical connection within their friendship. In 1994 both men created a band called flanelhed. The band gigged, put out albums and changed various members throughout the years but persevered with a lot of hard work, a fine tuning their sound and a refining their chops.